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Okay, making a new game. i think its an awesome idea..

2008-04-07 19:05:02 by Yoshidude565

okay, if any really good flash artists want a good idea for a game

you can take this idea. although am already making my version im sure yours will be better.

okay, well. have you ever wondered where all the RPG characters like Cloud, and Lyod Irving and others got their haircut?

well now you can BE THAT BARBER

in my new game : RPG Barber.

so yea. you cut famous rpg characters hair and its really cool.

but mine isnt too good and if anyone else thinks they can make it really cool
and big. then please, do it.

if this idea is already taken then... shit.. i havent thought about that.

well i cant find any... oh well. so yea! i just wanted to tell you guys about it!


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2008-04-07 19:29:12


Yoshidude565 responds:

i apologize?


2008-04-10 18:59:37

Yoshi >_< tell him this X)

Don' hate me cus you ain't me!

:D btw nice idea :P I can make awsome graphics and rpg character
pictures from him :o

But then some rpg games are html..Oh well :P
I'll help >_<

Btw tell Han to go to the website, Nick too.

Billy Strang is in the hospital from an accident on his bike!
Z0mg! this is as of 6:42pm 4/10
He had the accdent at 3:40-3:50m 4/10 :D
I added a post about that on the forums

well C'Y4 =[)

PS - BombUzi = bag of poop

Rememba that :D


2008-04-10 19:02:08

BTW Ben is your last name Astarb? or did you just decide that your forum name should be Benastarb for some reason, because I saw that :o

--Owner of SchoolPark--

Yoshidude565 responds:

my last name is Astarb. yea. okay well um thanks for the help!! just send me some like FLV files and other stuff to help me out. ill credit you once it comes out if you do. and then you can add it to the site if you want.

thats my email. i dont check it often so... yea.

thanks again!! and i hope billy feels better. im worried.


2008-04-13 10:41:17


whoops i typed that in caps lock but i dont feel like re-doing that sorry

Yoshidude565 responds:

oh yea. its a forum some guy made dedicated to my school.. its weird. but i still like it.


2008-04-22 09:29:27



2008-10-01 08:22:11

Please check my new post. It's about new flash ideas. I hope you pay attention. Thanks,


2009-05-08 21:43:32

You like reviews, I see.

By the way, what is that thing in your user picture? It looks like Yoshi mixed with Easter Island.